By: Robert Kumwenda

As several quarters of the society are criticizing government on high levels of corruption which has negatively affecting the country’s economy Umodzi Party President Professor John Chisi has tipped the government on how to deal with Corruption in the country.

Chisi said lack of resource mobilization and low salaries are the two factors that are increasing corruption in the country.

He said the country need a reformed government that will provide the required resources in civil service to satisfy their needs of civil servants for the whole months.

“The whole Salary system in the civil service needs to be revised to match with the available resources and government should be able to produce goods for the people to buy,” he said.

Chisi said the problem is that politicians they use corruption as a tool to mobilize resources to use during campaign.

“Lack of goods and low salary equal to corruption a reformed government that will be able to give its people what they need and teach them how the needs are made is the only way to end corruption.

Chisi added that we need justice for all because if we have the system where people can be able ro access justice in time all the corrupt issues we are taking about want be there.

He further said that his party is the party that want to bring security so that people can be have a focus in whatever they are doing saying that as of now it is only two percent of the population that are enjoying with the resources the country has.

Chisi also said that his party is getting bigger and bigger because many people are joining on daily basis.

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