A South African lady is facing a 15 year  jail term for allegedly lacing her vag*na with poison with an intention of killing her cheating husband.

According to reports, the woman identified as Beatrice had been complaining to her friends about her cheating husband till one day when she decided to punish him in unusual way.

It was gathered that the woman applied a very potent liquid rat poison in her private part with a hope that her husband Khumalo would give her oral sex and die in the process.

During her trial in court, Beatrice said, “I told him not to sleep around me; I bet he won’t do it no more. I knew something was wrong when he couldn’t leave the house to come get this vag*na. He knows we always f*ck on Thursdays.

Beatrice suspected her husband of cheating her with one lady identified as Valerie Sithole.

The husband Khumalo said he knew something was wrong before going to bed with his wife because she had been singing a song titled “poison” all day long.

He continued to say that his instinct saved his life as he refused to suck his wife`s private part.

Khumalo had earlier vowed not to eat or drink anything from his wife with fears that his wife would poison him.

The wife was charged with attempted murder and faces 15 years in prison. She is being held on R150.000 bond.


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