Stories have been told in and out of every country, how pastors have preyed on their flock and left their marriages broken.

Today, we unearth some of the signs that men must watch out for to know if their women are having affairs with the so called ‘men of God’.

Starts suddenly spending more time at church
If your woman out of the blue starts spending more time at church, that’s the perfect sign that she is probably enjoying the pastor’s company .

Develops an attitude towards you.
The moment your wife/spouse/girlfriend develops a strange and unfriendly attitude towards you, there is a high likely hood that the spirit of rebellion has been sowed into her by the pastor. She now listens the Pastor more than you. If he hasn’t yet started ‘anointing’ her with his ‘unholy oil’ it’s surely just a matter of time.

Loss of Libido
If you are the kind of couple who enjoy getting freaky in between the sheets on a regular basis then you notice a sudden change, there is probability that the pastor is enjoying your goodies.

Sudden loss of trust in you
You remember the times when she used to tell you all the nitty gritty in her life, then you wake up one morning and she doesn’t even say a  word in regard to her life, you need to be worried. Open your eyes my brother, she might have gotten another shoulder to lean on.  The pastor might have taken over your role including the bedroom department.

Cuts communication
If your woman/girlfriend woke up one morning and cut communication with you and yet she is an ardent church attendant, it’s most likely that she doesn’t find you valuable anymore.  The pastor might be to blame

Frequently talks about the pastor
If she always mentions the pastor in her conversations with you, my brother be very afraid. It’s not only about the sermons that he preaches on Sunday mornings, you may need to investigate.

Family/Bedroom issues are taken to the pastor
The probability that your woman is being serviced by the pastor is so high if all the minor issues in your family or bedroom are known by the pastor.

Never Misses an Overnight ‘prayer’
Stories have been told about some of the evil things that transpire at overnight prayers, while other people are seriously calling on the name of the lord, others are in back rooms of the churches satisfying their sexual appetites; pastors inclusive. Your woman might just be one of those being satisfied by the pastor.

Unpredictable programs
The moment your lady develops unpredictable programs all in the name of church, the chances are so high that she is spending some quality time on the pastor’s bare chest.

Quits Job to be at church
The truth is that some people have been honestly inspired by the holy spirit to serve God but if your spouse woke up one day and just quit her job without a clear reason just  to be more at church then it’s clear as day light that she just wants to spend more time in the loving arms of the pastor.

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