There are no, or there`s only a few 90`s kids who`s lives weren’t touched by the stories in the raps of legendary Eminem. Slim shady has many lines that best describe every emotion many kids have suffered out there, and this guy used his bars to hook up a girl online.

Ofcourse Marshal Mathers is not a romantic type of a guy, but the lyrics from his song “Stan” which features Dido worked pretty well when this guy used them on a girl on dating app (Tinder).

The song stan tells a story of an Eminem obsessed fan by the name “Stan” who put his pregnant wife in car boot and drives off the bridge because his letters to his favourite rapper went unanswered.

Not a romantic content there but this genius guy made something out of that. Check

Eminem once said, ‘But when someone seems too good to be true, they usually are’.

He was right, because this girl`s replies are too good to be true… Check

He even confessed his love like Stan did to Eminem as he drove at 90km/hr on the freeway’.

After that incredible back and forth, she couldn’t even meet for a date!

The guy was fair to the extent that he even wishes her luck on finding her ‘real Eminem’.

The post had over 500.000 views, so I hope in this modern age, social media fame could be the bud of a blossoming romance.

But then again, as Eminem said in space bound – Love is ‘evol’. Spell it backwards.

check out stan video below










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