Mzuzu University students have re-elected Wazamazama Katatu as its Student Representative Council (MUSREC) president in the election held on Monday.

Katatu will be deputized by Okomaatani Kayenda.

Speaking to the press after the election, Katatu vowed to continue “being a strong voice for the students.”

Katatu has said he will network students at the institution with various organisations that can support their research projects.

Below is the full list of MUSREC Members:

We have voted. we have spoken. Congratulations to all who have made it. We had our differences but at the end of the day, we are one. one Mzuni. one people.

President: Wazamazama Katatu

Vice: Okomaatan Kayenda

Secretary: Yewo Mgomezulu

Vice: Aggie Majawa

Speaker: Malachi Bright

Deputy: James Kaira

Entertainment Directors: Jaisa Mhango and Blessings Trinta (respectively-the underdogs)

Treasurer: Brent Sharma

Vice: Dumisan Harawa

Catering Director: Hastings Santana

Deputy: Juju Mthirakuwiri

Women Affairs: Lizzie Thondoya

Deputy: Edna Kambauluka

Social Welfare: Chinsisi Maseko

Deputy: Glyn Synos

Off Campus: Jafali Chilumba

Deputy: Jameel Moustaf

Sports: Stain Ndawala

Deputy: Oswald Chimangeni

Academic: Alfred Chuma

Deputy: Charles Kachitsa

Publications: Kingdom Chipaza

Deputy: Chrispin Gama.


YOUR FIRST TASK Mr Wazamazama Katatu and your cabinet is to liberate our brothers and sisters whom have just finished their studies. we get questions from them all the time through our inbox about their exact graduation date and venue. we can’t answer because we do not know. what Mzuni live asks of you Sir is to fight for them and liberate them.

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