The unidentified Man reported to frighten a sex worker with his huge manhood which was believed to be enhanced.

The noise was overhead outside  as they engaged in a nasty verbal combat, with the latter sex worker shouted  for help from neighbours.

“Wuuui! He wants to finish me!” the drunk woman is reported to have repeatedly wailed, as she asked neighbours to intervene and save her from the beast she claimed was armed with a ‘deadly weapon of mass procreation’, nasty as it sounds in Swahili.

Much as details of what exactly happened are scanty, a tipster at the ‘plot’ told reporters that the woman seems to have changed her mind and unsuccessfully tried to flee, after she discovered her client is heavily-structured down there.

“If the noises and insults she kept spewing forth are anything to go by, she was scared of how big the man turned out to be,” said one of neigbours familiar with the ticklish incident.

The man made a huge mistake that made matters worse when he, perhaps in desperate attempts to convince her to play ball, allegedly confessed to her that he had even taken V!agra to boost his performance, so as not to let her down that night.

“Amenimezea dawa (he swallowed the blue pill, just to finish me),” she is reported to have screamed, calling neighbours to her rescue from the man she kept saying was hung like a donkey.

What began as a small argument between the duo over the woman’s change of heart, quickly spiralled out of control and turned into a shouting match, with the man reportedly wrestling her in a bid to undress her and forcefully have his way with her.

The drama reportedly began when neighbours were woken up by commotion from the bachelor’s pad. The tipsy woman was heard shouting repeatedly as she told off the man, insisting that she wanted to be left alone because she couldn’t sleep with a man that big.

Much as the man is said to be randy and always entertains different women at his house, some whom residents say are of questionable character, this was the first time such an embarrassing and dramatic incident had taken place.

The man was heard pleading that he had spent a lot of his cash treating the woman to roast meat and beer and there was no way he was going to let her off the hook, without getting value for his money. The equally inebriated man initially ignored the incessant knocks on his door, only to give in later.

Oddly, he was remorseful for waking up the neighbours, as he tried to explain what had transpired. He claimed the woman was a dramatic guest with whom he had differed over a small matter.

However, the woman, who was still locked in the house, craned her neck through the window, shouting as she laid bare the scandalous details of the incident to all and sundry who couldn’t help but laugh their heads off.

She revealed that she was a stranger to the man and they had met that evening at a restaurant before he convinced her to visit him but changed her mind when she got more than she had bargained for.

After he was forced to deny or confirm the woman’s allegations, he owned up but wondered loudly why she had changed her mind. The neighbours finally prevailed upon the man to release the woman after she refunded the sh2000 (about k 14 000) pocket money she had been given.



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