FaceofMalawi came across some hilarious inscriptions on shirts worn by men who were probably ignorant of the meaning or implications of the writing.

Could this be as a result of ignorance or availability and affordability? Knowing how people in the city tend to send stuff they no longer use to the village, these men were probably recipients of such handouts.

These four men below were pictured rocking T-shirts that are only funny because they were worn by the wrong person.

From the one who wore the lemon green T-shirt with the inscription “am proud to be a mother” (which he obviously isn’t), to the man in blue who is a “daddy’s girl” (LOL), what about the one who is proudly saying “I’m not wearing any underwear”? or the one who needs beer before meeting girls?

These men don’t even seem to care about the inscriptions, as they rock their T-shirts with pride. See their photos below:

Which one is your favourite?
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