Melania Trump appears to reject Donald Trump’s invitation to hold hands for second day in a row.

When he arrived in Italy, Donald Trump might have been hoping for a little bit of La Dolce Vita. Maybe even a squeeze of his hand.

But barely 24 hours after his wife, Melania, appeared to refuse to accept his palm as the pair arrived in Israel, Mr Trump was on the end of the First Lady’s rejection once again.

Video of the couple landing in Rome and stepping out of Air Force, seemed to show Mr Trump reaching for his wife’s hand, and her moving her hand away.

Yesterday US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

As always, the eyes of the public were watching their every move, and much has been made of a particular public moment between the couple.

After disembarking from the plane, the President walks ahead of his wife and holds his hand back for her to take.

Melania, however, swats it away, in what appears to be a display of couple disunity. But what does this mean?

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