By Orchestra Kamanga

President and Chief Executive Officer for Natural Products Investments Dr Joseph Buberwa has said that Dental Formula Power (DFP) is a solution for the teeth and gums because it makes the teeth and gums free from dental diseases, infections besides making teeth stronger, firm even for diabetics and old people.

He said DFP will stops the progression of dental cavities, gum diseases and gum bleeding and is natural treatment, prevention and supplement for the teeth.

“DFP has been effectively used and treated people for over 200 years in Tanzania’s clans and is 100 percent form natural herbals obtained from Tanzania’s medical plants,” he said.

Dr Joseph Baberwa also said those people who used it their teeth remained intact, stronger and stayed without dental diseases or infections.

“Dental Formula Power strengthens and makes firms loose or shaking teeth in a few days after the use”, he said, adding that the products is being sold at K7,000 but at the Trade Fair is K5,000 because it is on the promotion.

The company started in 2003 in Tanzania and known as JKBRS International Company limited while in Malawi started 3 months ago and is called Natural Products Investment which is located in Lilongwe area 3.

Dental Formula Power products can be found in all pharmacies and clinics countrywide.

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