Lilongwe water board has expressed deep concern over contaminated water that area 18 residents were supplied with from yesterday, Tuesday 18 July.

Just yesterday, the area 18 residents were shocked with contaminated water that was said to have been mixed with sewage water coming out from their taps.

The issue had then attracted people`s attention to the extent that some affected customers took to Facebook to express discomfort over the sad development.

One area 18 resident, with a Facebook username Jeremy Timothy Matewere took the matter online early today and posted in anger saying, “Now it’s safe to say a waterboard apanga za nsete.”

As if that was not enough, others took the matter as a tease to their friends who reside in area 18.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the board said this happened because one of the supply pipes burst underground and near the vicinity, a broken sewer system was emitting sewer water and this water sipped into their supply pipe.

The board said LWB workers rushed to close the supply line and started working on the broken pipe minutes after the incident had happened yesterday.

Meanwhile, the water supply line has been maintained and disinfected and is now being monitored to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

The board disclosed that it will further visit each household in the affected area to test their supply to verify the water’s fitness for human consumption.



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