President of Umodzi Party (UP) Professor John Chisi has quashed off the criticisms directed at President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his government over the July 6 stamped that killed eight people at Bingu National Stadium.

Speaking in an interview with Robert Kumwenda, Chisi asked those criticizing Mutharika to look at the bigger picture on what caused the incident to happen before blaming one another.

“It is very sad for Malawi that we have lost lives of people during the celebration of our Independence and the death could have been avoided,” said Chisi.

Chisi said the “blame is for all of us as Malawians for failing to prepare well”. He said the best way could have been holding the whole celebration at one place and not the way it was done.

The Umodzi Party leader said the incident should act as a wakeup call for all Malawians including those people in power.

He added that it is sad that people confuse government events and Party events.

It is reported that the organisers of the event delayed in opening the gates earlier to give chance to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have seats in the stadium.

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