By Robert Kumwenda

Transfomation Alliance Pressure group is set to hold its first ever national conference on the 25 of August at venue to be announced.
Frank Harawa Organizing Committee Chairman disclosed this to members of the press in Blantyre.

He said the conference will bring together representatives from all regions/sub regions to compare notes on the social-economic cum political environment that obtains in their regions and sub regions.

“Transformation Alliance believes that presentations and receipt of these reports from these representatives will inform Transformation Alliance to better appreciates insights into the national disclosure vis-a vis the general expectations of Malawians as a nation state,” he said.

Harawa said all positions are open to be contested by every Malawian adding that there are some individuals who have expressed interest to contest for other positions but he refused to disclose the names.

The Organizing Committee Chairman also said that they have invited representatives from various organizations within Malawi and the SADC region to be part of the discourse and those that may have been overlooked.

“We projected about 3 million kwacha for the conference but things may change depending with the circumstances and we expect over 500 delegates to attend the conference,” he said.

The pressure group believe in women and youth empowerment and fighting corruption.

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