By Robert Kumwenda

A local business entrepreneur Edward Malunga has commended government for creating a good environment for business which is currently flourishing in Malawi.

Malunga, who is the owner and the Managing Director for Bantu Art and Crafts Limited said  this in an exclusive interview with face of Malawi.

He said when the economy does well it makes good environment for people to do business.

“In this kind of the situation companies have money which gives them the buying power to do business. Last year, the inflation rate was about ten percent now it is going down below a single digit which means that the economy is improving,” he said.

Malunga  said business people should take advantage of this kind of situation to do manufacturing within our own country,  saying that if we do not we are going to lose a lot.

The local business entrepreneur also said that companies within should be able to give business to fellow Malawians.

“We as Malawians we ought to change our mindset because if we stick to the way we have been thinking before we will go nowhere. We should buy locally manufactured materials from our own companies to extend them to export,” he said.

He said the more we export goods the more we kill our local market adding that we should subsidize the local manufacturing and local buying.


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