Mass burials for the Sierra Leone`s mudslide victims are being held in Sierra Leone`s capital of Freetown as 600 people are still missing following a massive mudslide that took place on Monday resulting into collapsing of many houses.

The country`s president, Ernest Bai is expected to join Christian and Muslim religious leaders for the burial ceremony.

It is reported that 600 people are still missing and 3,000 people are left homeless in what has been described as a humanitarian emergency.

woman is comforted after learning she has lost her son

Mortuaries have been overwhelmed by the number of bodies they have received – more than 100 of them are children.

With concern mounting about an outbreak of disease, the chief pathologist of Freetown, Dr Simeon Owizz Koroma, said the burials had already begun for those who had been identified or whose bodies were badly decomposed.

most decomposed corpses taken for burial

They have been taken to a mass grave in Waterloo known as the Ebola cemetery after the 2014 disease outbreak, which killed nearly 4,000 people in the country.





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