A good woman is a source of pride to her man, and those around her, a bad one is not.

The greatest gift you can offer your relationship is to avoid those things that could endanger its peace and love.

On behalf of every man out there, here are some of those things you want to look away from as a woman in a relationship…


‘Evil communication corrupts good manners’, they say. You’re highly influenced by the company you keep.

It’s therefore important to choose them wisely.

Avoid that friendship that could tempt you into doing something that would harm your marriage, or maybe cause your husband to look at you differently. Your friends should make you better, not drag you into immorality.

As a woman, you’re entitled to having male friends, but don’t forget to keep it in check. Men are jealous too, so you don’t give your man the wrong impression.


This applies to both married and unmarried people.

Just because you think your position on an issue or how to approach something is better shouldn’t cause you to shrug off the opinion of your man.

He deserves some respect, as much as you do. There should be a balance. Take his ideas, merge them with yours. That’s how you keep a happy relationship.


Happens whenever there’s an argument between couples. You find one of them recalling their great experiences with their Ex, and comparing the Ex to their current lover.

It’s done out of anger most of the time, but it’s important to watch your emotions always. Do not ever allow them control you.

Comparing your present partner to your Ex is like telling him to his face the previous is better, and he’s not good enough.

We can all keep a happy relationship. Avoid anything that can remove your happiness.



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