A conniving man quickly learnt the real meaning behind the words ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, when he tried to two-time his wife with a foreign woman.

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A man who is a senior driver at AfriTrans logistics company in Zimbabwe simply known as Saidi has taken some poison after plans to marry his mistress was thwarted at the very last-minute by his wife.

According to reports, the man is said to be in a critical condition at Eddington Hospital ICU in the country following an attempted suicide with rat poison.

Here is how a witness narrated the story online;

“Saidi who is married with 4 kids, fell in love with a Zulu woman whom he wanted to marry without further delay. He had planned to sell his car so he could raise the money to pay lobola for his bride last Saturday.

“Unfortunately his wife was two steps ahead of him and she hid the car’s registration book so the sale wouldn’t go through. His bride to be’s relatives were also gathering at her family home ready to start the lobola negotiations.

“In his moment of despair and frustration Saidi turned to rat poison and opted to take his life than to face the humiliation. He presently said to be in a coma with little to no change in his condition.”

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