Everyone desires to eventually find love, marry maybe, and settle down. But the truth is it isn’t always easy to find the one soul mate you desire, and the reasons are different from individual to individual.

Some find love, and some fall for the wrong one. Having said that, it’s necessary to point out that as difficult as it may seem to find love, being in the right place at the right time can sometimes, make things easier.

For example, the following locations are proven to have gotten a lot of couples together than not.


Social media is a very public place, where you have people from all works of life coming together. This makes it easier to catch people’s attention, and meet them. Most platforms have private messaging service, which allows you to get more up close and personal with your conversation.


Churches, mosques, Schools, etc are examples of more public places one can meet the love of their life. These places bring together people with the same goal under the same environment/venue.

This allows for easier interactions and conversing. There are countless testimonies of people who met and got married under these kind of places.


There may be a few genuine ones, but they do make it easy to find love for some. Most dating sites give you options to choose from based on your search requirements. People have met and dated/married in real life via dating sites.


Now, while there may be reservations about this for some people, it’s not exactly a terrible thing. And when you actually consider the fact that many people with jobs spend close to 10 hours daily at it, talking, relating, conversing and being in close quarters with their colleagues, you’ll understand why there is a strong possibility that people will fall in love with each other at their workplace.

Don’t give up on finding love. Widen your options, and live more, you’ll find it soon enough!




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