By Robert Kumwenda and Orchestra Kamanga

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for the south Charles Mchacha has warned members for other political parties that they should not be too excited with the results of the recent by-elections as the party has started verification of its true members.

Mchacha said the party is now doing a postmortem of what went wrong for the party to perform miserably in the by-elections.

“.We want to hear views from our members on what we can do for them as a party and as a party we are able to see that we have a brighter future as maize is everywhere at affordable price of k4,000 to k5,000 per bag depending on the area. We have also outlined a number of projects like the Jali-Chitakale-Phalombe and Chapananga east bank to Thabwa Fatima roads where contractors are working on the site,” he said.

Mchacha also said they have a bypass in Blantyre from Chilomoni to Zigelege to Chilenge, Chigumula-Bangwe to Zomba saying that these are big developments that are happening.

The DPP Regional Governor for the south added that there will be a technical college in the lower shire where the youth will be trained in vocational skills adding that a new stadium of modern standard will be built in the south to enable the youth to interact.

Mchacha also said government is expanding Polytechnic hostels to increase intake of students as well as making sure the students stays closer to the college.

On electricity he said new generators are coming and there are other projects of using coal as well as bringing power from Mozambique and South Africa which is commendable for the country.

He said there are some of the major development which the party has outlined, so people especially the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) not be too excited with challenges the DPP led government is going through as they will be a thing of the past sooner or later.

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