Nkhatabay public relations officer, Cecilia Mfune has confirmed the death of a 15-year-old boy who died in a road accident on Tuesday.

Mfune identified the victim`s name as Frank Manda who died at Chintheche.

According to Mfune, a minibus was on that time coming from direction of Dwangwa heading to Chintheche.

In the process, the driver encountered a bicycle in front which had two passengers on its back seat.

The cyclist tried to change direction from left to right in order to let the minibus freely pass but in the process, Manda who was one of the people on the pillion seat jumped off and fell on the tarmac road.

The minibus which at that time was coming from behind ran over his left leg.

He was rushed to Nkhatabay District Hospital where he later died due to injuries sustained.

He hailed from Nkhatabay district in the village of Chaphuka, Traditional Authority Zilakomwa.

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