Debate has ensured on the social media over a story carried by state owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) alleging that the country will soon start exporting power to other countries.

While others are embracing the impending development, some groups of people have described the statements in the story as just mere dreams that cannot be achieved looking into the fact that the country is even failing to end the current power outage problem.

Some of the people`s comments on the issue reads, “The way these guys think. I stopped trying to make sense of what they say because I won`t find any, commented Prescott Wreath.

Another comment read, “So transmission of power from Nkula Tedzani to Likuni Luwinga Mkando Chikanda means exporting? And they call this wishful thinking news? Headline should be: Malawi to import power soon,” enlightened Daudi Mufti Adam

As if that was enough James Mwale jokingly commented,”Mwina the power he is referring to is mphamvu za ku chipinda.

Some other comments targeted the presenter`s appearance when he was in the middle of reading the story.

“KKKKKKKK Wabalalika reporter. Yekha akuchita kuzifunsa funso mu mtima mwake ali koma zomwe ndikuwerenga panozi ndizowona?,” commented William Tebulo.

Meanwhile, it is unclear from where Escom would source an addition power to export to other countries when itself is failing to supply power to its customers for 24 hours.


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