Malawi`s social media went noisy on Thursday after nude photos of a girl named Nicole Candy found a way out of its designated gallery.

According to a tiny report gathered by this publication at the meantime, the photos were released by the now famous Nicole Candy`s boyfriend.

It is alleged the unidentified boyfriend had a disagreement with Nicole Candy. As a way of proving his powers over his girlfriend, the man threatened to leak her nudes of which at a later moment he did.

Meanwhile, Malawi`s social media could not accept to leave the story pass after the nudes had surfaced but instead some group of people online made it the topic of discussion for the day.

This is not the first time for Malawi`s citizen on social media to have found a topic over leaked nudes.

However, Malawi police previously sent a strong warning to people who are fond of leaking their partners` bedroom photos that they would face charges if at all found.

Note: We could not publish the picture due to its nature

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