A 40-year-old Zimbabwean man lost a chunk of his tongue after he was bitten by his wife for refusing to leave the bedroom so that she could entertain another man.

Francis Kuseya claims he was left injured by his 22-year-old wife Abigail Kadangwe, after he confronted her of bringing a boyfriend to their house.

the injured husband: Francis Kuseya

Reports say the wife was used to seeing her husband leaving the house for a field work where he could spend 3 or more days.

On 18th January, he left for work as usual but later returned home fast as he was feeling pains because of the nature of his job as a builder.

“I arrived home at 11pm in the evening and found that my wife wasn’t at home. I decided to retire to bed as I thought she was just at our neighbor’s house, Kuseya told B-Metro online news.

Kuseya further stated that his wife came back at around 2 a.m. with a man and she was surprised to have seen him already at home.

Kuseya`s wife

“After seeing me at home, she reacted in a bad way and questioned me why I came so fast without informing her. I later knew there was a man outside and when I asked her she openly said he was her boyfriend and that he had brought a lot of money to give to her.

Kuseya said later on a fight between him and his wife broke up and in the process the wife bit off the front part of his tongue.

He later launched a complaint to police and got referred to a hospital.

It is alleged that Kuseya met his wife as a prostitute at a local bar and decided to take her in as a wife.

Meanwhile, the wife is said to have been sent to her parents despite reporting that she was still in love with her husband.

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