The dry spells that has affected some parts of the country give advantages to maize vendors to sell the stuff at a high price.  Since mid-January this year, the price of maize was in the ranges of K4,500.00 to K6,000.00 per 50KG in many areas surrounding Blantyre.

But things have changed, when maize vendors have noted the dry spells and silently adjusting the prices. Survey done by FaceofMalawi  in Chirimba, Mbayani and Chemusa markets shows that a 50KG of maize is now selling between K8,000.00 to K10,000.00.

The development has brought fear to consumers about the survival to this staple food. Eliza Gobole is one such a victim as she had budgeted to buy a 50KG bag of maize at Chemusa market but got shocked when she told that the price of 50KG bag is now at K8,000.00.

“Three weeks ago I bought 50KG bag of maize at Chemusa market at price of K6,000.00. I am very surprised today to not note that the same quantity of maize is at K8,000.00. I left the vendor with idea to buy maize at other selling points but the points I visited all has no maize. I came back and bought maize to the same first vendor at K8,000.00.” she said.

Robson M’madi who sells maize at Chirimba market has attributed that the hiking of the price is due to the pressure to the mounting demand for the commodity.

“Pressure has been mounting on maize following speculations that the country may experience hunger in the coming months. Consequently, many traders have locked the stuff to sell it in future at a very high price hence, we also buy the maize at a high price’’ he said.

Reports reached FaceofMalawi indicates that Agricultural Development and Marketing  Corporation  (ADMARC) is not ready to respond whether the body will adjust or not the selling price of maize.

Last year ADMARC put K12,500.00 as the selling price of 50KG bag of maize.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Government through President Peter Mutharika has said is aware of the misery the combined of both dry spell and the fall of Armyworm will bring to Malawians. He however, said no Malawian would die of hunger as the authorities are taking good measures.

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