By: Grecium Gama Phalombe

People in Phalombe district are seeking help from authorities on the conduct of some police officers from Phalombe Police who are demanding money for one to get a bail.

Malawi News Agency (MANA) investigations have revealed that for a suspect to be released on bail at Phalombe Police Station he/she has to pay cash amounting to MK10, 000 which is contrary to a police act which stipulates that a police bail is for free.

And the surprise fact is that those who pay are not issued with receipts.

One of the victims (particulars withheld) has told Mana in the district that he was asked by one of the Police officers identified as Rachel Zulu to pay MK10, 000 for him to be granted police bail.

“He told me that the Police bail is at Mk10, 000.00 and I had to pay such amount so that I should be given a bail but considering that I didn’t had such money I pleaded with him that I had only Mk6000.00 which he accepted and later he didn’t gave me the receipt as evidence that I had paid,” he said.

The source added that he stayed in the Police custody for three solid days without being taken a caution statement. “I was locked up on Thursday morning and took me out on Saturday when my relatives came to visit me and wanted to find out the reason that made me to be found in hands of the police unfortunately I failed to explain to them because I was never taken a statement and told a charge”, he added.

Commenting on the matter Phalombe Police Public Relations Officer, Constable Innocent Moses, refuted the allegations that the police are demanding money from suspects.

“Our bail is for free and I’m advising anyone that if they hear any of our officers demanding money for the police bail they shouldn’t hesitate but report it to the relevant authorities for example to the office of the Officer In-charge,” said Moses.

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