After finding out that some officers and drivers were misusing government vehicles during weekends and after working hours, Blantyre District Commissioner (DC) has issued a ban on the use of the vehicles during off hours while sending a strong warning to deal with anybody who does not comply with his directive.

Blantyre DC, Bennett Nkasala

Bennett Nkasala recently issued the ban through an internal memo addressed to all directors and heads of department at Blantyre District Council.

According to him, some government officers were using the vehicles for their personal benefits hence the ban.

“I have personally noted with grave concern that office vehicles are getting abused after working hours and weekends too when they are use on personal matters by some officers and drivers without prior authorization from immediate controlling officers,” Nkasala said.

He continued saying, “It is, therefore, in this regard that I direct that with immediate effect, all government vehicles should be parked within the office complex. All keys should be surrendered to the transport officer and anyone who chooses to act to the contrary shall be dealt with accordingly,” reads the memo in part.

In an interview with the press, Nkasala added that challenges in servicing fleet of cars and also mismanagement of fuel motivated the coming in of the ban.

Among other things, the said officers were using the government vehicles to carry firewood, crop harvests and also bricks for their various construction projects.


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