Well known businessman Muhammad Sidik Mia has denied social media reports that he has denounced his religion and joined Malawi Assemblies of God church, saying it’s the work of misguided people whose job is to create a storm out of teaspoon.

Mia’s sentiment follows a story carried by a state-owned online publication titled: ‘Sidik Mia now a born-again Christian, denounces his religion.’
The publication alleged that Mia has dumped his religion to score political mileage.

But Mia trashed these allegations in a statement posted on his official facebook page.

“As I updated you few hours ago, I attended a fundraiser at Machinjiri’s Malawi Assemblies of God church in Blantyre yesterday.

“By doing so, it doesn’t mean that I have joined Christianity as some misguided people on the social media are saying,” wrote Mia
He added: “I didn’t eat Mgonero (Passover) as some people are trying hard to make you believe. I didn’t denounce my religion.

“Former Head of State Bakili Muluzi was attending similar functions, he could even read Bible Scriptures. Pastors would even pray for him. Did it make him a Christian? Is he a Christian now? Did anyone ever raise any eyebrow?”

According to Mia, the Pastor at the church offered to pray for him and he agreed.

“The Pastor at Machinjiri church said we should pray for you and you expected me to say, “No Pastor, don’t pray for me because I am Muslim?” C’mon good people!

“When we organize National Prayers as a country; both Christians and Muslims pray at such functions. Do our Christian brothers and sisters say don’t pray for us because you are a Muslim? Have you ever heard that?” queried Mia.

He added: “Conversely, when Pastors, Bishops, etc pray in such functions; do we as Muslims say don’t pray for us because we are Muslims? Do we march out in protest? Do our Christian brothers and sisters also march out in protest?

“When we sing the national anthem, both of us Muslims as well Christians; to which God do we make that prayer to? Is it not the same God our creator? Do we not proudly sing it side by side?”

Mia urged Malawians to stop creating issues out of nothing.

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