When you love someone, you shouldn’t do certain things that would make you lose that person. Losing someone you love can be a painful ordeal because you might never get them back.

 When we’re in love with someone, there are certain mistakes that are just too costly, because it might just cost us that relationship; we might forever lose that loved one and some people are just irreplaceable.

People prefer to learn from their own mistakes but I think some mistakes shouldn’t even come close to our relationship.


Anger is a big relationship killer; we are humans and we get angry, anger is a common emotion. But the mistake people make is letting anger get the better of them; when you let anger becloud your judgment, your relationship would suffer for it and you would end up making so many mistakes that would just be a big minus.


Some people are too proud to show their emotions and they end up losing someone they actually do care about. If you love someone, tell that person, show that person else your relationship might suffer for it. Sometimes these three words “I love you” can make a huge significance in your relationship but people take this for granted.


Sometimes people do this, not because they don’t love their partner but because they feel that the person they love would never leave, so they take things for granted till that loving partner gets tired of the relationship and deem it over. When someone you love loves you greatly, never take it for granted because you might end up losing that person, and that would be a great loss.


“I am sorry” are three words that can save a relationship. So many relationships have failed because people lack this apologetic manner. People do things and still don’t care; being sorry for your wrong no matter how little would calm the tension surrounding relationships. You would gain a lot of respect from your partner when you sincerely apologise for your mistakes.

If you have been making these mistakes in your relationship, it’s time to grow up; that’s if you value that relationship.


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