As the infighting in the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) continues, Enock Chihana has dismissed the election of Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo as the party President at the convention held on Tuesday at Don Bosco Technical College in the capital Lilongwe.

Delegates supporting the two candidates, Enock Chihana and Frank Mwenifumbo, disagree on the names of delegates eligible to vote.

The development forced Chihana to call off the convention fear of losing lives as delegates at the convention exchanged blows before police intervened to contain the situation.

Despite the announcement, Mwenefumbo’s camp continued with the convention after changing the venue and he was elected as President of the party replacing Chihana.

But speaking in an interview with the press, Chihana dismissed the results describing the election as illegal.

Chihana said the committee that has elected Mwenefumbo is not eligible arguing that the new committee will put in place today.

He also accused Mwenefumbo of trying to disturbilised the party by hiring vendors put him into power.

More details to come….

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