Well-known reggae star Arnold Nyoponyopo has yet again taken the music industry by storm with the release of his new hit singles ‘Ovota muwakumbuke’ and ‘Gwedegwede’.

‘Dinyadinya’ hit maker who is currently based in  South Africa released the songs from the yet to be launched third album titled ‘Freedom Fighters Volume 1’ on Tuesday this week through Malawi-music.com, the only website which is there to promote local music.

Ovota Muwakumbuke’, in this song the singer advised politicians in the country including the current President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to remember the people that ushered them into power, saying they are facing a number of challenges and the song was produced by Kris Kelly of Zambia.

Speaking in an interview with faceofmalawi reporter, Nyoponyopo said the aim of the song is not to attack anyone or to be seen as a traitor but to create Malawi, a favourable place for all.

“We need to remind politicians, because when they are in power they forget voters

“Malawi is for everyone including me so am not fighting with them but reminding them to note what they promised people and what people are facing in rural areas or even in urban areas,” said Nyoponyopo

He added: “Business people are crying, civil servants are crying too. Another thing look at police houses, teachers’ houses, a lot we can see but people are afraid to express their views

“I as a musician am also a messenger for the people of my country.”

For those who are in love, ‘Gwedegwede’ is the song that you can listen to as it highlights some the things lovers meet while in love and the song was produced by Yuzzy Uganda

By listening to the flow, fusion of the lyrics and the instruments in the song, one will appreciate the good job played by the producer and the talent that the artist has when it comes to composing songs.

Nyoponyo, real name Arnold Tungwa Nyirenda is currently working on third album titled “Freedom fighters volume 1” and the album is expected to hit the market soon.

Meanwhile the artist has urged his fans to support his music by downloading the songs on Malawi-music.com and also buying the songs when the album is out.


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