A publication made by online social media; the Nyasatimes on Saturday 16th June 2018 quoted as reading “Divisions have erupted in the leadership of Evangelical Church of Malawi (ECOM) over a pastoral letter scheduled to be read out in its churches with the content of church accusing the Government over attacks which people living with albinism have been experiencing in the country” has been denied.

In a letter signed by Evangelical Church of Malawi’s Synod Chairman, Reverend Windson Kambwiri has condemned in strongest term that as a ECOM did not issue any pastoral letter as incompetently published by¬† Nyasatimes on 16th June 2018.

The letter reads “We wish at the same time demand an apology and immediate discard of the document, our pastors images and our church‚Äôs names mentioned on the so called page.

As an ECOM church we wish to make it clear that we have been receiving a lot of support from this DPP led government and we are in solid and beyond reasonable doubt working relationship with the government

All allegations made by Nyasa times are from their unprofessional malicious and un verifying conduct, we therefore not tire to take the matter to court for character assassination towards our church.

We wish as church to inform ¬†our congregation that we will never and have no reason to issue a pastoral letter for whatever reason made unclear by unprofessional conduct ¬†of ¬†the journalist of Nyasa times online page” Reads the letter.

In the letter Rev. Kambwiri has¬† assured all members that ‘we are ECOM not EAM and Nyasatimes must learn to draw a white distinctive line between these two. We shall support the DPP led government even if it means voting or supporting the party in whatever accord”.

He has also urged Nyasatimes to be competent and be able to verify  publication.

Nyasatimes published ECOM’s article and a photo of some of its members but without a consent.


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