By Orchestra Kamanga

One of the leading manufactures of steel gates, door flames, slide windows, water and fuel tanks, Donz Engineering located opposite Kamba stage has said the company has been affected by blackout.

The company’s Managing Director Donex Nzimbaulan said for the past months his company has performed badly due to power outrage and they have delayed to manufacture the customer’s products.

“Because of power blackout in the country they have affected a lot of companies that include ours. Our company has failed to cope up with the demands of producing more products and the production has not performed to our expectations,” he said.

The company which was started in 2001 is manufacturing steel products like steel gates, slide windows, water and fuel tanks just to mention but a few.

“The uniqueness of our company is that I was trained to manufacture steel products from Zimbabwe and Polytechnic in Welding and Fabrication while others just wake up and start a company,” he said.

He said apart from power outrage another challenge is competition on the market because other companies copy his design but failed to make it manufacturing substandard products which they sell at a cheaper price.

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