By Orchestra Kamanga

The county’s leading producers and distributors of Tchaka detoxity econoplus, Mufukazi facial treatment and hair and skin Butta, Zwide for ulcers (acid relief) pileziiti for health drink has embarked on expansion from southern region to other regions.

The company’s founder and Managing director Elder Babangoni Chisale said after overwhelming response form their customers they have decided to open other branches in some parts of the country.

“Due to positive response from our customers we have opened some branches in Nchalo, Mwanza in the south, Lilongwe at akulaje Inn behind Gamestore, Mzuzu at ST John of God near Namizu Traven to carter for all our customers,” he said.

Chisale also said the company which is located opposite MTL and Mosque near Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital and is in Red Cross campus runs clinics on Sunday, Monday Wednesday and Friday.

“We are the only one who runs Natural herbal company with expatriate employees and we match international standards and we advised customers to patronize our company for better medication,” he said.

He said other natural herbal company they just wake-up in the morning and start clinic while Bayete natural Nutri-therapy did research for 16 years and the herbal are 100 percent safe because they have professionals.

“Our herbal are safe with no side effects while others have side effects,” he said adding that by 2030 a lot of people will develop liver complications due to improper prescription of herbal products.

He also thanked the government attitude for allowing them to operate herbal clinic freely without hindrance and urged the government to continue for upcoming (budding) herbal companies to grow because they contribute to the country’s economy.

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