As the countdown to the 2019 elections approaches, Malawi Congress Party followers for Lilongwe Mpenu will on Saturday, September 22, 2018 have tough moments to elect a torch bearer from eight aspirants contesting in the area.

The competitors include long serving Member of Parliament, Watison Makala Ngozo and Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka.

Emerging from Matapila the home base of the seating MP are Chizinga Mwale, Mphatso Bothi, Cosamu Chilowa, Chibwinja Phiri while from the other wing of the constituency there is Malabada Kaliyopa Banda and Samson Chaziya.

However, there is an outcry from the aspirants that they are not being communicated on the intended date of primaries instead they have learnt it from the social media, something that has raised eyebrows.

In a telephone interview, Malabada Kaliyopa Banda said the ballooning numbers of aspirants is an indicator that people want change of leadership, but however complained on communication gaps.

“I am prepared to win, but leadership comes from God I will accept defeat because I believe in democracy that values the will and power of the electorate. Let me appeal to all other candidates to be calm after results and support the winner,” he said.

Cosmas Chilowa confirmed of having seen a communication from Facebook page and WhatsApp, announcing the primaries to be held at Mazengera Primary School on Saturday.

“Time comes for everything, Hon Makala Ngozo has served the area for over 20 years now, and it’s high time he paved way for youthful blood to continue developing the area from where he has stopped.

“I am not sure yet why there is no formal communication, but we have learnt from other social media platforms,” Chilowa hinted.

Group Village Headman (GVH) Lemwe told Mana, on Wednesday that the constituents were looking for an MP to serve people not amass wealth for themselves at the expense of the poor constituents.

“We want development conscious MPs, this area lacks a lot of projects. We have been drinking water from handmade wells, have so many impassable bridges, youth need sports and business activities but nothing is seen on the ground.

“People will speak through the ballot, otherwise we need change,” said the GVH.

Mkaka refused to comment on phone and did not attend to a questionnaire submitted to him while Makala Ngozo said he had not been communicated yet.
MCP Publicity Secretary, Rev. Maurice Munthali said it was unfortunate that some few individuals were painting the party with lawlessness and asked such people to change.

“The party laws indicate that there must be a clear communication seven days before the elections to all aspirants through the rightful channels in our hierarchy. Any other way is uncalled for.

“I really condemn any act that works parallel to party laws that we must all protect, why do such individuals choose to go the other way when the party laws are clear.

“Constituents of Lilongwe Mpenu should enjoy what the party wants which is full practice of democratic principles,” Munthali said.

Aspirants from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) United Democratic Front (UDF), United Transformation Movement (UTM) and Peoples Party (PP) will field there candidates to compete in the 2019 tripartite elections.

Malawi holds her sixth elections in May 2019, from 1994 since she attained multiparty politics where President, Members of Parliament and Councilors shall be voted into power to run their respective offices up to May, 2024.

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