There is no perfect relationship but that’s no reason for not working on your relationship. Your relationship is a result of the work you put into it. If you want a relationship you can be proud of, then you have to work towards it.

Below are 10 relationship rules you shouldn’t ignore

1. You can’t have it your way always. You have to be willing to compromise and sacrifice if you want your relationship to work.

2. Do not underestimate the power of listening. Learn to pay attention to your partner.

3. No one knows your relationship better than you and your partner. Learn to solve problems between you and your partner without involving a third-party.

4. Your partner isn’t a mind-reader. If you feel you what something from your partner, please ask. Don’t just expect your partner to know what you want.

5. Do not stop doing the things you did in the beginning of your relationship. That’s what made your partner fall in love with you and your partner would appreciate you continue doing them.

6. Revenge in a relationship is wrong. Hurting your partner back on purpose just because your partner hurt you is wrong. This attitude will destroy your relationship.

7. Be cautious when discussing your relationship with friends. To a certain extent, it’s ok to discuss your relationship with friends but you should mind the information you share. Discussing every little argument or issues in your relationship might poison your friends against your partner.

8. Your partner can’t trust you if you are not honest. Learn to be honest because trust is gained through honesty.

9. It’s ok to argue sometimes. There is no healthy relationship without little arguments sometimes.

10. For a relationship to work, both partners should be willing to put in effort into making it work. Don’t just act like it’s your partner’s responsibility to make your relationship work.

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