A 28-year-old Zambian woman who is a beer addict has been slapped with two years imprisonment for allegedly slicing her husband’s forehead with a machete as she was coming from drinking spree.

The suspect being escorted by a law enforcer
Doreen Njobvu’s conviction is the first following the Courts commissioning on 28th November, 2018 after finding her guilty of unlawful wounding on her husband Chilima Mulenga.


Facts before Court as presented by Public Prosecutor Catherine Sakala are that on 22nd November, 2018 Njobvu found her husband fast asleep around 03:00 Hours when she came from a drinking spree.

She then awakened him and beat him up to the point of slicing his forehead and a leg with a machete.

The victim was only rescued by neighbors after they heard his shouts for help.

But in her explanation Njobvu told Court that the husband never left food Home and In mitigation she asked the Court to exercise lenience as she looks after her ill father.

But despite being a first offender and readily admitting the charge Senior Resident Magistrate observed that circumstance of the offence are aggravating.

She has since sentenced Njobvu to two years simple imprisonment in order to send a right signal to would be Gender based Violence offenders.

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