South African artist Riky Rick has caught the attention of the masses for stripping down to his underwear during a recent performance in Durban.

Riky shared the video with the caption: “You Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told You… Thank you @gagasifm ❤️ #CottonFest2019GonnaBeAProblem.”

In the video, Riky can be seen taking off items from his outfit and throwing them into the energetic crowd.

The rapper is known for his avant-garde fashion sense and obsession with fashion and clothing, so it was quite a shock for fans to see him do this.

One fan tweeted: “I saw Riky Rick performing with only an underwear ngabe uRiky ukhathele ukudla ukotini manje?” which roughly translates to: “Does that mean Riky Rick tired of eating cotton now?”

“Eating cotton” is slang for dressing well and the term is derived from Riky’s 2016 smash hit Sidlukotini (we are eating cotton).

While most commended him for the performance and pledged their undying love and support, others criticised the rapper for his behaviour or expressed their concern for his well being.

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