By: Robert Kumwenda

The Chekucheku family in Neno has expressed worry with the conduct of some NGO’s in Neno.

This has come at a time when government wants to table the new NGO’s bill in parliament to seek transparency and accountability in their operations.

Alfred Donda one member of the family is of the view that government should go ahead with the amendment bill for NGO’s to allow them to give their report to government.

According to one of the family members, when the High Court issued an order for Francis Magombo to go back and execute his duties as Chief, the NGO’s and people from the district council were in the forefront preventing him to work as Chief.

The family has since asked government to go ahead in tabling the new NGO bill in parliament because they accuse government on so many things yet they are alleged to be corrupt.

The family is also wondering why the same NGO’s today are going to court to seek a court order so that the bill should not be discussed in parliament.

If they are not corrupt why are they refusing that they too should be investigated? Henry Mussa Minister of Information told the NGO’s that if there are issues it is better to sit down and resolve them amicably that rushing to the press and insult the DPP leadership and demonstrating in the streets, he said.

The NGO’S are interfering in Chekucheku chieftaincy wrangle in Neno such that the deposed Chief Francis Magombo is being treated as a slave.

Some of the accused NGO’s are Wolrec,ADRA, NEST and Partners in Health and Dalitso CBO.

The family has chosen a person to work as T/A Chekucheku yet the same NGO’s are also choosing someone to act as T/A Chekucheku.

Donda said it is not the duty of NGO’s to choose chiefs but the family members are mandated to do so.

For this reason, the Chekucheku family is supporting government in the new NGO bill to be tabled and amended in parliament.

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