Poet Chiwamba to enrapture Lilongwe with ‘Kuchokera Ku Chanco Ndi Kachirombo’ album launch


Robert Chiwamba whose limelight is measured on the poetical scale by diverse classes of thoughts, has returned with the third album, Kuchokera Ku Chanco Ndi Kachirombo, which is set to be unleashed this coming Saturday, 22 December from 7 PM at the Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe.

Talking about the launch, Chiwamba says that Lilongwe poetry disciples should anticipate an aromatic evening as they will be served with tasty stage performances from him and supporting artists.

“Beautiful senses are counting down their days of waiting to an official day of this album launch on 22 December this year.

Poetry addicts from Lilongwe and other surrounding districts can buy VIP and standard tickets at Crossroads Hotel’s business centre, Cheza Cafe at Game complex and Steers City Centre. It is the mellower opportunity for them not to miss this official album launch, Kuchokera Ku Chanco Ndi Kachirombo because there are many creamy packages lined up on this day,” says Chiwamba who was signed as the European Union (EU) and UNESCO’s Skills and Technical Education Ambassador for one year in 2017.

On the other hand, Chiwamba who is also an employee of the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) cites some challenges in the modern day poetry: “The journey to poetry has encountered slippery valleys, beautiful seas, well surrounded by the boats, delightful mountains but hard to climb. But, through all those experiences, the Almighty God has been a blessed hope for my passion for poetry.

A stay in the poetry arena has made me grow a swift nose for entertainment and learn to endure the sting of pens and saliva from the self-imposed analysts.”

Chiwamba’s footsteps to poetry were inspired by Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa, Benedicto Wokomaatani Malunga, and the late Mlakatuli Nankhoma.

There are 58 poems in Kuchokera Ku Chanco Ndi Kachirombo album and it has diverse themes like corruption, HIV and AIDS, education, unnecessary weddings and poverty. Currently, there are 8 promotional poems that were premiered in October this year, such as Ku Ukwati Wachibwenzi Chako Chakale, Tikumva Kuwawa, Mu Dziko la Anthu Akuda, Pano N’datenga Matenda just to mention but a few.

Chiwamba has roped in the poetic icon Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa real name Chisomo Mdalla, Mada Nyambo, rare gem Phindu Zaie Banda, Yona Mlakatuli Gondwe, Fanny Mbewe and Jedidiah to decorate an official album launch, Kuchokera Ku Chanco Ndi Kachirombo.

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