The Malawi Electoral Commission has assured Parliament that everything will go as planned in the fourthcoming general elections in order to satisfy the public.

MEC Chief Executive Sam Alfandika made assurances to Parliamentary
Committee on Government Assurances and Public Service Reforms at National Assembly on Tuesday.

Alfandika said: “We are prepared to administer the General Elections. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to give your Committee an update on the
state of MEC’s preparedness.”

On voters inspection exercise MEC Chief Sam Alfandika says it was also sucessful since members of the public had been given options whether using SMS mobile or physically walk and verify if their names still exist on voters’ roll.

He explains that nomination exercise went well as well as 10 presidential candidates out of 25 managed to submit papers from 4 to 8 of February.

Alfandika expresses the satisfaction with how they are transacting business saying: “it is with this reason that the process strives to be as transparent as possible and
forthcoming with information to update stakeholders on all significant matters that have the potential of eroding credibility and trust in the Commission.”

Source : Malawi News Hub


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