People affected by recent floods due to continuous heavy rains in Zomba say they fear for their safety in the temporary shelters they are currently living in.

They say that structures they are staying in exposes them to various attacks and health problems.

The victims said this when World Vision Malawi (WVM) distributed relief items to about 2,343 affected households in Chingale.

According to some residents that reside in the said temporary shelter, the grass thatched shelters they are currently using are not safe, and people especially  children can easily be attacked.

“Our houses collapsed as a result of heavy rainfall that they lasted four days and all ten member of our family are using shed which is not secure”. Charles Yotam, from Denis 1 Village in Sub Traditional Authority Nkapita stated.

He added: ‘we can easily access by anything danger, the situation putting our lives and remaining properties at risk.

Victims confessed that the higher number of people putting up in the available small structures is putting peoples at risk of being infected by different diseases as they are no adequate sanitary resources.

However, Development Facilitator for Chingale, Chrissy Chimbeko argued Local Leaders and Community Development facilitators to ensure peoples to construct standard houses, because majority of house that have collapsed were not properly built.

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