Form four student at Mzuzu International Academy aged 16, Rachael Chimaliro, has won £4,200 which is about K4 million scholarships to go to Oxford University in the United Kingdom for two weeks in August this year.

Rachael triumphed in two competitions of Oxford Royale Academy Scholarship in which she wrote an award-winning essay and a five-member group British Council Your World Video Competition.

The student said she is excited with the scholarship which she said would help her realize her dream of becoming an architect to develop Malawi through designing top-class infrastructure.

“I wrote an essay on what I can do to help my country, so I wrote on establishing a school for underprivileged kids so that they would learn and get free meals. I am happy because I have made it,” Rachael said.

Mzuzu International Academy Head of Languages, Samantha Phipps Kloser expressed satisfaction with the school’s triumph three times in a row, a development she said is putting the school on the map and increasing its academic profile.

“This opportunity does not come every day, so it is really great because it has given an opportunity to our student to travel in a special way,” Kloser said. She added that it is her first time for her to travel abroad, a thing which would boost her education and curriculum vitae. The entire school is delighted about the scholarship.

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