National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) trust officials has deployed its volunteers on door to door voter civic education campaign to ensure all registered voters cast their votes in the forthcoming May 21 elections.

Speaking during a one day training organized by NICE Trust Civic Education Officer for Neno district Walasi Kudzala said the main agenda of organizing the activity is to explain to voters the importance of casting votes.

He further added that for people to go out in large numbers on the voting day they will need to be convinced.

“We thought it would be effective if we visit every household having a face to face conversation with almost every single voter to ensure people come out in large number during the voting day,” he said.

He added that they thought of the activity as one way of communicating directly to voters who are reluctant to participate in the polls.

“We know there is a section of people that are usually reluctant to participate in polls, this is where we will get a chance to give them a few lectures on the importance of taking part in the elections,” he said.

Apart from door to door visits, NICE will also use other form of communications to reach out to the voters.

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