The newly elected executive committee of Malawi Civil Servants Trade Union (MCSTU) has asked President Peter Mutharika to also consider promoting civil servants in the mainstream civil service.

The call was made during the meeting with President Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

President of CSTU, Joseph Dambo lead the CSTU delegation at the meeting.

Dambo said they visited Mutharika in order to introduce themselves to the president as they have just been elected.

“We mainly came to introduce ourselves to the president since we are a new committee and he is our line minister,” he said.

He added; “However we thought it wise to use the opportunity to bring the attention of the president following the promotion of teachers other civil servants are waiting,”

He further added that the new leadership wanted to assure the president that they will not use drastic approach when they want to handle developmental issues with the president.

“We also pledged a non-confrontational approach to tackling issues of development,” he said.

He added; “Our approach would be to bring government’s interests as well as civil servants interests and find solutions together so that at the end we have a win-win situation,”

In his speech Mutharika assured CSTU and all civil servants that his government will improve working conditions of its employees.

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