Former Member of Parliament (MP) of Kasungu West Alex Major said ward councilors must be scrapped off from the systems arguing that they bring too much confusions.

Major said this during a political debate by National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) trust in the district.

In his remarks Major said councilors are barriers to development in the constituencies claiming they spend most of the time fighting for power with MPs.

“Councilors are bringing a lot of confusions. There is a lot of power struggle and it is deterring progress in constituencies,” said Major.

Apparently it is said that Major was referring Charles Bonongwe a former councilor who is his serious contender for the parliamentary seat in the forthcoming elections.

It is believed that Bonongwe floored Major in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) primaries last year.

In his remarks, Bonongwe said he has no grudges with anyone saying his enemy is poverty.

“My only enemy is Poverty. I have no qualms with Major,” he said.

NICE is holding debates across the country ahead of May 21 polls. f�N

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