Zodwa Wabantu’s decision to pay lobola for her fiancé has not only left Mzansi shook but has ignited a heated debate by culture experts who have claimed that the entertainer will be attract bad luck by doing so but sis Zo couldn’t care less.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE she can’t be affected by things she doesn’t believe in and that she isn’t an “ancestor, luck or superstition” kind of woman.  This after Daily Sun reported that cultural expert Jabulani Maphalala believes what Zodwa’s doing is against tradition and that it could call upon the ancestral wrath on them.

“I don’t believe in ancestors or any of those things like superstitions and bad luck. All these rules and cultural stuff were created by a person and I still don’t know why I should follow their rules. I believe in freedom. I believe in God and I pray and that is enough for me.

“My mother died, I don’t believe she’s somewhere looking out for me nor will I go cry at her grave. I don’t kill goats and stuff to talk to her… she’s dead. But look… everybody must just do whatever makes them happy in life,” she said.

Zodwa said if her intention to pay lobola makes the “cultural experts” angry then the fact that she is set to have a female only delegation will leave them infuriated.

“I am going to pay lobola no matter what anybody says and it will be done by women. You will see on my show, women will go on my behalf. Because when you think about it, it was men who told us that honour is reserved for men and we just went with it like its the gospel. I don’t think it is, we are taking back our power.”

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