Political analyst Andrew Mpesi has questioned formation of the Peace Forum Foundation, a grouping comprised of faith leaders aimed at advancing peace in the country.

Mpesi’s remarks came in following action by some churches who have disassociate themselves from the newly formed interfaith Forum for Peace, justice and Dialogue which aims at mediating the ongoing election results disputes.

He says the grouping needs to reconsider its foundation.

According to Mpesi, the withdrawal of various church representatives is an indication the grouping has not been clear on its purpose and membership.

The analyst said the grouping should have come clear on its leadership and membership moralities in order to gain people’s trust.

“Looking at the political scene, they were supposed to be clear on the membership for fear of losing trust in the public,” he said.

Chairperson of the grouping, Joseph Bvumbwe, says the grouping aims at bringing peace following the May tripartite elections disputes and insists the grouping will still be registered despite some disassociating themselves.

Bvumbwe said the formation of the grouping does not mean it is parallel to Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

“It is not like we are parallel to PAC; some members of the clergy just wish PAC had solved this issue in a different way,” he said.

Ironically, Bishop Bvumbwe is the former PAC Chairperson and the new forum includes various statutory board members from water boards, post corporation, and MACRA.

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