The Malawi government and the Immigration department are contradicting each other on passport fee hike.

Minister of homeland and security Nicholas Dausi told Zodiak on Monday that his department did not receive any notice concerning the fee hike but spokesperson for Immigration Joseph Chauwa said he delivered the letter to Dausis office 4 months ago.

“We wrote government a letter some four months ago to ask for the permission to raise the fee for the passports, but up to now we have not received any response from the government side. We are still waiting for the response,” said Chauwa.

In April this year the immigration department wrote a letter to Government asking for a permission to hike passport fees.

According to Chauwa the hiking is meant to raise money for the department in order to run other duties properly.

Government raised passport fees in 2009.Since then there has not been any fee hike up to now.


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