Presented by the European Union, the European Film Festival is set to open this weekend in Lilongwe.

From 4 – 12 October, the Euro Film Fest will hold three screenings in  Lilongwe and Blantyre, a showcase of established and rising talents in film making from Europe and Malawi.

The festival opens at 6pm at Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe on Friday 4 October.

According to a statement, curtains open with a screening of Going South, a short film by Malawian filmmaker Elson Kambalu honoring those who leave home in search of greener pastures.

The following film is a feature film King of the Belgian from directors Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth.

Europe’s cinema industry is thriving and producing award-winning visual storytelling and the European Union is pleased to support Malawi’s growing film industry through the festival.

Through visual storytelling, Europeans and Malawians can connect on a deeper level as themes in films show shared values and offer cultural understanding between

In the statement, Sandra Paesen, Head of Delegation for the European Union in Malawi said, “Europe, just like Malawi, is about unity in diversity. Through this first film festival we celebrate cultural diversity and a commitment to talk about things that really matter to people – from family relationships to survival and the hardships of life.

Culture is critical for any nation to strive and I am happy to see so much Malawian talent represented at this festival, next to established European movies.”

In his remarks, Filmmaker Elson Kambalu said: “As a filmmaker, occasions like these provide me an opportunity to learn and to give. I‘m really excited to share a story that I
hope will resonate with many Malawians, and anyone who’s ever left home in
search of work.”

The European Film Festival further kicks off day two (Saturday 5 October) with a series of morning workshops on production, financing, and marketing for filmmakers invited from all around Malawi.

From the afternoon until late evening, audiences can choose to see a variety of screenings from Malawian and European cinema.

The first screenings of the day will be Malawian short film The Hunters by Mwizalero Nyirenda, followed by feature film Petit paysan by Hubert Charuel.

On Saturday 12 October, Blantyre will host the Euro Film Fest at the Jacaranda Cultural Centre from 10am to 10pm offering the exciting range of ten European and Malawian films.

Entrance for all screenings will be free but must be booked online on Eventbrite.

Alternatively, you can collect physical tickets for free, available in Lilongwe outlet at Cuneco (Lilongwe Wildlife Centre) and in Blantyre at the Jacaranda Cultural Centre on a first-come, first-served basis.

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