Just recently, mourners were shocked when they heard voice of a dead man inside his coffin in Ireland.

Soon after going through the shock, they burst into laughter.

This after they heard Irish Defence Force veteran Shay Bradley’s voice in the grave, but it turned out to be a speaker.

Following that the mourners at the grave site realised they were hearing a message from the veteran which was recorded before he died.

According to the family, the Irish Defence Force Veteran wanted to give the mourners one last laugh in his final goodbye.

Shay’s daughter Andrea said that the message was recorded before he died and put out via a speaker on the ground.

The DailyMail reported that as the recording played the sound of him knocking on the wood of the coffin, he continued: ‘Where the f*** am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s f – ing dark in here. Is that the priest I can hear. This is Shay I’m in the box. No in f – ing front of you. I’m dead.’

The publication reported that the mourners laughed hysterically as Shay, had the last laugh in saying his final goodbye.

Shay’s daughter Andrea said on Twitter:  ‘He would love to know how many people he made laugh!!! He was an amazing character.’

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