An unemployed graduate holding up a sign looking for employment has left many in Mzansi feeling both inspired and sad. While her initiative to find employment was admirable, many couldn’t help but lament the sad state of unemployment in the country.


Twitter user Bruce Makhenthula shared a picture of a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in social work seeking employment on a street corner. The picture went viral online and received over 2 000 retweets.

Social media users chipped in with advice and posted job listings to assist her. Twitter user Iam_a_Skywalker said: “She must check DPSA. Sizwe Hospital had an opening, the due date might’ve passed but there’s other posts on DPSA.”

Bongani20994708 said: “The Department of Social Development is hiring auxiliary social workers. She must visit the website of the dept of public service and administration.”

Zamabhele_sam said: “Do you personally know her? There are posts for social workers advertised.”

Others were upset by the fact that she was in that situation in the first place. Twitter user Koketso__n said: “This is heart breaking.”

Orban123 said: “This is not hustling, this is what a failed government looks like.”

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